Panda Bahn Mi

Panda Bahn Mi


This one came out so good, that I can still taste the the juices from the pork in my mouth. A flavor explosion so intense, that I'm getting hungry just writing about it. 

Pork loin. Picked one up from Trader Joe's and rubbed it with a mixture of finely ground coffee beans from our favorite coffee roaster Greg (Trystero), brown sugar, cayenne pepper, kosher salt, and some fresh ground pepper. If this one doesn't tickle your pickle, then use any pork rub you'd like. 

Sous Vide. I can't express to you enough how much sous vide cooking has changed my life. If you don't have one yet, it'll be the best $150 you've ever spent. Trust me. 

Fresh ciabatta from Gjusta. Wow. A good friend brought over some over and it was probably the most amazing bread I've ever had. If you live in LA and are by Venice, do yourself a favor and pick up a loaf. It's seriously amazing. 

Carrots, fennel, cilantro and lime. Julienne the carrots, slice the fennel, and roughly chop the cilantro. Slice the pork loin to your desired thickness. 

Purple Panda Sticky Icky Honey. Pour desired amount into a bowl, put in all the ingredients, squeeze in some healthy amount of lime juice, and give it a nice toss until everything is coated. 

Toast up that ciabatta and then start layering. Pour over the left over juice from the bowl and enjoy one of the most tasty bahn mi's you've ever eaten.  


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The Panda take on a Vietnamese classic

The Panda take on a Vietnamese classic

Steven Boghoskhan